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Marriotts Walk Shopping Centre
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Marriotts Walk Valentine’s poem

The day before Valentine’s she heads to the shops

Planning out carefully all of her stops,

She wants to look great so is ready to stalk

Around all of the stores at Marriotts Walk.


Into Phase Eight and then onto Hobbs,

Picking up glamourous bits and bobs.

Onto New Look and into Monsoon,

Full of delights and all before noon.


But still she seeks out the little details

That make the difference to how she feels,

And Accessorize has just the thing

For that final touch of show-stopping bling.


These are gifts to herself, richly deserved

For love for yourself should not be reserved.

Cherish yourself and treat yourself well,

Whatever you’ve spent you don’t need to tell.


But she mustn’t forget a token gift,

For the one who gives her heart a lift.

So, finally she steps into Crew

To buy something for you know who.


With a Valentine’s card from The Shop

Now she feels she is ready to drop,

So back off to home to feel cosy and free,

Feet up with a cup of Whittard’s tea.


Dressed to the nines, devouring chocolate and gin,

It doesn’t matter if she goes out, or if she stays in.

Valentine’s Day has a place in her heart,

And she knows with herself is the place to start.


[Adapted from “Valentine Indulgences” a poem by Bri Edwards

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